Which points should I consider when I want to place an order?

Please give us your complete business address, telephone number, fax number, email address, web site and contact name. Also, please tell us the types and quantities of sensors you need. We will refer you to the distributors in your country and ensure that they contact you for further information, and send you a quotation/offer.

What delivery time can I expect for my order?

For oxygen sensors, we ship up to 100 pieces within seven (7) working days from receipt of order. For toxic gas sensors and larger quantities, please contact your distributor or our sales department. For SpO2 sensors, we ship up to 10 pieces within fourteen (14) working days from receipt of order.

Can I use your Medical Oxygen Sensors to replace original equipment sensors from other Medical Device manufacturers?

All of our Medical sensors conform to MDD 93/42 EC, carry the CE mark and are cleared for marketing by the US FDA and by Australia’s TGA. Additional information and copies of our certifications are available from our Sales Department.

Do you offer customized labels?

Yes, you can order your own label with your logo and other custom information in black on silver or black on white. Custom labels are free of charge with annual quantities of 500 plus.

Can I pay by Credit Card or Check?

Many of our distributors accept credit cards and checks from credit worthy customers. IT, however, only accepts wire transfers. Please use the following accounts for transfer:

Deutsche Bank Wismar AG;
IBAN Code - DE91 1307 0000 0273 5777 00

or, our account with

Dresdner Bank AG Wismar;
BIC Code - DRESDEFF 141;
IBAN Code - DE73 1408 0000 0212 1190 00

How do you package your products?

Most electrochemical sensors are packaged in a metal can with a hole in the top cover. The hole assures that the sensor is constantly exposed to ambient air with an oxygen concentration of 20,9 %, and is immediately ready for use without any run-in-time.

Oxygen ppm sensors are packaged in an air tight metal container with Nitrogen atmosphere.

On special request we offer blister packaging or a plastic jar with screw lid. Each single SpO2 sensor (reusable and disposable) is in a non-sterile, translucent blister package.

What is your Warranty Return Policy?

In case a sensor (O2 sensor/SpO2 probe) should fail within the warranty period, please inform your distributor, or our Sales Department (sales@it-wismar.de) about the incident. In doing so, please provide a detailed description of the circumstances related to the sensor failure. With that information we will decide whether it will be necessary to return the sensor for laboratory testing. If a failure is found within the warranty period, the sensor is replaced free of charge.

Does the new WEEE directive affect your products?

All of our products are in category 8 or 9 of the WEEE directive, and are exempted from its requirements.

How should I dispose of exhausted electrochemical gas sensors?

The sensors contain a toxic compound and are classified as special waste by Eurpoean law.

Please do not burn them, and please do not include them with normal waste materials. Dispose of them in an environmentally safer manner, and in accordance with local law or, if the sensors were manufactured by us, we will take them back.

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