Company Profile

itg develops and manufactures technically advanced gas sensors and pulse oximeter sensors. We offer electrochemical sensors for the measurement of oxygen and various toxic gases and pulse-oximeter sensors for most measuring instruments currently in the market.

We supply our sensors to OEM customers of measuring instruments and to the replacement business.

Since it was established in 1998, the company has rapidly grown its customer base and continues to expand its production and R&D facilities. Meanwhile itg is one of the leading manufactures of electrochemical gas sensors worldwide.

The company is located in Wismar, Northern Germany. Currently itg has approximately 100 employees, most of them working in production and development.

The key features of our products are excellent quality, short delivery times and competitive prices. itg sensors are used throughout the world in a wide variety of applications, including medical, industrial and automotive emissions monitoring. Also in food processing, scuba diving, personal safety in toxic gas environments and scientific research.

Customer satisfaction and product reliability are our primary goals and focus. We strive to supply every customer with technically superior and cost effective products. itg provides pre- and post sales technical assistance, backed by our skilled engineering and R&D team.

IT Dr. Gambert GmbH .: Hinter dem Chor 21 .: 23966 Wismar .: Germany